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Hurts when I walk and burning sensation when I pass urine – Is it Genital Herpes?

The above description plus painful tiny blisters around the external genitalia will almost certainly clinch the diagnosis of genital herpes.

Usually such women can have prior cold sores on their lips. But cold sores are usually caused by Type 1-Herpes virus and the genital herpes by type 2.

Even Though they can cross infect. This is especially true if there is oro-genital contact. Usually women who suffer genital herpes suffer extreme severe pain to the extent that, they must limp, can’t put tight clothes and can’t have penetrative intercourse.
This infection is self-limiting, i.e. if nothing is done, it will resolve on its own usually within a course of one week. Genital herpes is notorious for recurrences. Any condition which causes fluctuation in the immune system will make person to suffer recurrence.
A course of Oral Acyclovir will shorten the duration of suffering and duration of painful lesions.
It’s not a bad idea to seek help from a doctor trained in this field to confirm the diagnosis, so that appropriate treatment can be instituted. During the outbreak of painful lesions, it is advisable to wear loose fitting underwear’s and skirts rather than trousers, so that the genital skin is in minimal contact. In some circumstances, some women may find it extreme difficulty in passing urine and in such cases, a catheter insertion to bladder may be required for few days. Usually the tiny painful ulcerative lesions heal without any scarring compared to other genital infections.