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Consultation charges
Consultation chargesFees (£)
Initial consultation250
Routine follow up180
Wellwoman Screening ( Gynaecologist consultation,
smear, mammogram and transvaginal ultrasound)
ProceduresFrees (£)
Outpatient hysteroscopy1250
*Cervical Smear200
Fittng of Intrauterine system (IUS) -levonorgestrel359
Insertion of copper coil339
Removal of copper coil339
Removal of Intrauterine system levonorgestrel250
Insertion of contraceptive implant (Etonorgestrel)339
Removal of contraceptive implant (Etonorgestrel)339
*High vaginal swab50
*Mycoplasma testing63
Ureaplasma testing63
*Chlamydia testing53
*Gonorrhoea by PCR technique53
*Semen analysis153.50
PackagesFees (£)
Follicle tracking package£800 (including follow
up consultation)
Coil fitting package

Coil fitting packageFees (£)
Non hormonal coil339
Hormonal coil359
HPV Gardasil vaccination packages
HPV Gardasil -9 vaccination (Consultation + Gardasil 9
triple injection vaccination)
Consultation, cervical smear and
Gardasil 9 triple injection vaccination

PCOS package

PCOS packageFees (£)
PCOS package including consultation,
blood tests, and ultrasound scan

Menopausal health package

Menopausal health
Fees (£)
Menopausal Health Check including
consultation and blood tests)
Menopausal health check including
consultation, cervical smear and blood

  • All procedure and investigation fees include specialist charges, diagnostic pathology and consumables where relevant
  • These prices are based on a single lump biopsy. An additional £500 is charged per additional biopsy to cover extra
    specialist, consumable and pathology charges
  • Consultation fees are charged separately
  • These are standard charges but some may vary according to agreements with medical insurance companies
  • Patients paying for their own treatment, resident overseas or with non UK based insurers will be expected to settle charges in full on the day
  • Patients insured with UK based insurers will be required to provide a membership and pre-authorisation numberfor the invoices to be submitted directly to their insurer.
    Patients with medical insurance will remain liable for all charges until settled and will be asked to pay for invoices not settled within 3 months in addition to any policy excesses or items not covered by their insurer.
  • In-patient surgical procedures are billed in accordance with insurance company guidelines and
    patients will be provided with the CCSD code to gain pre-authorisation for the procedure and admission from their insurers. Self pay patients will be provided with a fee estimate in advance of the procedure to cover surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital charges. As a guide fees are routinely in accordance with the WPA fee schedule