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I am a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, practising at Barnet Hospital, and at 108 Harley Street. My primary objective is to deliver the best possible outcome for my patients. I seek to achieve this through good patient education and realistic goal-setting. Over the next few pages I take you through my specialist areas, and explain how I work with my professional colleagues to manage your care.

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Mahantesh practices privately at 108 Harley Street and London Medical (Marylebone high street) in Central London. In North London, he consults patients at BMI Kings Oak and Hendon Hospitals

Harley Street facilities


The facilities at 108 Harley Street are state of the art, designed to provide the highest standard of medical care, with minimum delay in relaxing and friendly surroundings.


Mahantesh is a general gynaecologist with a special interest in endocrinological disorders, abnormal menstruation and hysteroscopic surgery

Member of Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
Member of Medical Defence Union

Full range of gynaecological treatments

  • Hormonal imbalance conditions – polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOD), Subfertility and menopausal issues
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding and abnormal menstrual bleeding
  • Pelvic pain, Endometriosis
  • Hysteroscopy and laparoscopic surgery
  • Urinary continence disorders and uterine and vaginal prolapse
  • Fibroids
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Well woman health check up
  • Reversible contraceptive consultations (Progestogen intrauterine device, Copper IUCD, Contraceptive implant insertions)

Understanding HPV infection

I have been told my smear has shown high-risk HPV, should I be worried about? Dear patient, Positive test results can be upsetting. HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus since it is a mouthful, I’ll use HPV in my discussion. HPV is often associated with genital warts,...
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Genital Herpes

Hurts when I walk and burning sensation when I pass urine - Is it Genital Herpes? The above description plus painful tiny blisters around the external genitalia will almost certainly clinch the diagnosis of genital herpes. Usually such women can have prior cold sores...
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Complications following termination of pregnancy

I have had termination of pregnancy, and do I think I have developed complication from it? Background In the United Kingdom, annually about 200,000 women undergo termination of pregnancies. Out of these about one in every 700 women will encounter some form of...
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Why IVF does not yield 100% success in each cycle? A new way to look at…

The cost of private IVF procedures exceed £10,000 in the UK. Despite such exhaustive expenses incurred on the couple, live birth through IVF remains generally low. Controlled stimulation of ovaries to collect eggs is not without side effects or adverse effects as far...
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Non invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

  A new blood test for Down syndrome, Edwards Syndrome and Patau Syndrome. Background Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is a new approach to testing whether a baby may be affected by a chromosome disorder. From a small sample of the mother’s blood, we are able...
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Uterine fibroids are the most common tumours in women of reproductive age group with a prevalence of approximately 30%. They are benign growths of smooth muscle and connective tissue anchored in the muscular wall of the uterus, whose growth rate is influenced by...
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Complications of Intrauterine Contraceptive

One of the most common problems is the disappearance of the trans-cervical threads. When the threads are not visible, it may well be that they were cut too short and can be found within the cervical canal. As the devices are radiopaque, an X-ray plate of the pelvis or...
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Complications of uterine compression sutures

Complications of uterine compression sutures used for the surgical management of postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) In the modern practice of caesarean delivery, if the uterus was found to be not contracting after the routine of drugs, which make uterus contract, one of the...
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Vaginal itching in elderly women

In elderly women, i.e., postmenopausal ladies; it is not so common to have thrush (fungal infection). This is because; the fungus causing thrush needs acidic environment to grow. This milieu is mainly enhanced, if the woman is taking oestrogen based hormone...
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Adenomyosis is where endometrial tissue, the tissue that normally lines the womb, grows inside the wall of the womb. It is not the same as endometriosis, a condition where parts of endometrial tissue escape the womb and implant on organs outside it. However, many...
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Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

Persistent or recurrent problems with sexual response or sexual desire that distresses sexually active women or causes strain in the relationship with her partner is known medically as Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). At some point in their lives many women experience...
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Bartholins abscess or Bartholins cyst

The medical name for Bartholins glands is Greater vestibular glands. These glands are two small oval reddish-yellow bodies present very close to the vaginal opening. Normally, the gland’s duct opening is not visible to the naked eye. Bartholin’s duct cyst typically...
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Chronic Vaginal Discharge

A 24-year old sexually-active woman was troubled with intense pruritus around her genitalia, associated with a thick vaginal discharge. She was using combined (Oestrogen and Progesterone) oral pills for contraception. She stated she had already tried a few courses of...
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Uterine polyps

Uterine polyps are localised excessive growths from uterine lining. They usually contain fibrous tissue and a feeding vessel. They are the common cause of abnormal uterine bleeding, such as heavy periods, bleeding in between periods and in few cases excessive...
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Dr Karoshi went an extra mile to make sure I had all necessary tests carried out in one day to put my mind at peace.. He explained to me all my options, with pros and cons for each, together with giving me his honest advice in order to help me to make up my mind on a treatment. Based on my tests results, Dr Karoshi recommended to me to see other specialists. Thanks to his knowledge and experience he made me feel comfortable and reassured about my health. He is very passionate about his job, which made me trust his opinion. A truly wholesome doctor.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Mahantesh Karoshi MD MRCOG

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist