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“…critical tests to optimise your overall health and wellbeing.”

As part of a healthy lifestyle, screening is important at various stages from adolescence to menopause and beyond. When health screening is properly scheduled, many conditions can be prevented, or identified at a very early stage. Our very busy lifestyles sometimes get in the way of proper planning. My opinion is that taking time to reflect on the key elements of your lifestyle, including your diet, fitness programmes, etc., can go a very long way to optimising your overall health.

I work with a highly-professional team to provide women with a broad range of healthchecks. My screening services include a series of critical tests for adolescents, preconception, cervical screening, 20-30 year olds, and women in their forties and older. In all cases, we design a comprehensive programme based on individual circumstances and preferences, health and family history, risk profiles, and future plans. We do not necessarily have to carry out the whole programme in one session. There are options to carry out various investigations over a period of time, for instance over three months.

I also provide specific screening programmes to meet particular requests, for instance, when planning for a baby. In all cases, my Well Woman Healthcheck service can be provided in conjunction with other obstetrics and gynaecology service packages.

Please visit my blog pages for detailed summaries of the various healthcheck options.